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Benefits of soursop fruit

Soursop fruit is a fruit that we know only as the fruit is sweet and delicious when eaten like any other fruit, and do not take part in the activities in order to safeguard human health
But did you know that the fruit that comes from the Caribbean, South America is in fact contain some rare substance that turned out to be very useful for health care even meyembuhkan disease.
The content contained in soursop fruit and its benefits as follows:
1.        Ascorbic acid increases the amount of antioxidants in the body. It helps fight against free radicals in the body and helps maintain a number of infections and disorders at bay.
2.        This fruit also helps in reducing the pain and discomfort caused by constipation. Because fruit contains soluble and insoluble fiber, it adds bulk to the stool and facilitates easy elimination from the body.
3.       One of the health benefits of soursop leaves can be seen in the treatment of mouth ulcers effectively. Finely grind the leaves with water and apply it to the boil will help reduce the size of ulcers, the healing them completely and also reduces irritation.
4.       Drinking tea made with soursop soursop leaves or roots mix in water is known to reduce pain. Pain is the kind of back pain, especially in the lower back or lumbar region. A cup of tea daily will also help relieve inflammation of the muscles of the back.
5.        A pulp made with fresh soursop leaves and rose water when applied to the skin will prevent pimples, blackheads and other skin problems.
6.       Soursop fruit juice, taken twice daily, can help overcome kidney disease, liver problems, urinary tract infection (also known as urethritis) and hematuria (blood in the urine or), etc.
7.        The fleshy part of the fruit, if applied to any cuts will accelerate the healing process and also prevent bacterial infection.
8.       A stew soursop flowers and young shoots will help heal inflammation of the sinuses and also in the throat and nose. It also helps in the secretion of mucus to reduce irritation.
9.       You can successfully get rid of head lice and bed bugs using soursop leaf decoction. It will not only destroy the pest, but also keep them away.
10.   Soursop is also used as a remedy for cough, diarrhea, fever, and gastrointestinal. Including soursop supplements will reduce the intensity of the condition and also enhance recovery.
In addition to the above soursop fruit also has the following benefits:
·         Soursop fruit can help in relieving the pain caused by constipation.
·         Soursop fruit contains phosphorus and calcium is high enough. So that the fruit can prevent osteoporosis and build strong bones.
·          You can consume Soursop Fruit juice 2x a day, to help cope with the disease in the body, such as urethritis (also called urinary tract infections), liver problems, hematuria (or blood in the urine) and kidney disease.
·          Soursop fruit contains fructose. Fructose can keep you fresh, and can generate energy
·         Soursop fruit has a high content of vitamin C so that 13% of the body's needs can be met by this fruit. Soursop fruit also can increase endurance and slow aging.
So a few examples of the benefits of Soursop fruit is already known. Do not rule out the possibility there are many benefits of Soursop fruit as yet unknown, and it is still under investigation.

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